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Dave Smith is a developer, speaker, and trainer focused on the Android platform. He has been working with Android at all levels os the stack since 2009, developing both custom applications and system components to run Android on embedded platforms or interact with external embedded devices. He has delivered talks on Android and Embedded at numerous conferences and local meetups—including AnDevCon, Droidcon, and the Embedded Linux Conference. You can view many of his past presentations on SpeakerDeck.

Through the years, Dave has helped countless engineering teams understand how to transition their products and services to engage with Android. Whether you are looking to build a consumer application, or want to customize the entire platform for a new embedded product, he has the knowledge and experience to get your projects off on the right foot.

Dave is the Author of the popular developer cookbook Android Recipes: A Problem Solution Approach from Apress. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer, and recognized as a Google Developer Expert for Android since 2015.


Need to inject some Android knowledge into your team quickly? With an on-site training course, we can give you the hands-on experience to get up to speed quickly with the platform. We have trained engineering teams at numerous organizations, including:

Topic Areas
Android Application Development

Android Application Development

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Brillo Application Services

Brillo Application Services

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Android Platform Internals

Android Platform Internals

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Brillo Platform Internals

Brillo Platform Internals

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Technical mentorship is a great option to put training in context. Classroom training is beneficial for providing broad knowledge, but can sometimes be distracting when you have a specific problem in front of you. On the other hand, fully outsourcing the project development can also present hidden costs associated with transferring the codebase back to your internal team for maintenance. Mentorship helps guarantee that your team has full ownership of the project from the beginning, and continuing past when the initial development is over.

System Architecture

Code Review

Deployment Strategy

Technical Documentation


Developing a native mobile application for Android can be a bit challenging. Android has unique design and user paradigms that allow applications a much deeper level of integration with the system than most other platforms. To provide the best application experience possible, you need a developer who deeply understands Android’s nuances and can apply them to your project.

The Android platform has grown beyond the phone or tablet, to include Android Wear, Android TV and Chromecast. Users want to engage with application content across all of these screens. You need a developer who understands how all these devices work together to provide customer solutions that are seamless and ubiquitous across all these computing platforms.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) movement continues to gain momentum, mobile devices play a pivotal role in user’s engagement with the increasing number of smart devices surrounding them. We specialize in integrating Android applications with the technologies that bridge the user into the physical world:

  • Beacons and Physical Web
  • Bluetooth (LE)
  • USB Accessories
  • NFC

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